AI + Robot Arm Logistic Parcel Singulation | 1600 pieces per hour, can be used together with sorter

梅卡曼德 | AI+机器臂快递供包,每小时1600件,可配合分拣机/AGV

Manual Parcel Singulation (with AGV and sorter)

There is a huge demand for automation in the express delivery industry. With the advancement of the technology, mature logistic equipment such as AGV and cross-belt sorters are widely used in express sorting centers to help solve problems such as in-warehouse transportation of parcels and to improve efficiency.

Parcels singulation is an important part of package processing.

- Due to high demand for parameters such as cycle time, objects recognition rate, etc. and huge randomness of real express packages in the material, shape, position, pose, etc., the current process of express delivery is still done manually.

Mech-Mind first exhibited its parcel singulation solution at the CIIF (China International Industry Fair) in September 2019 and has been keeping on upgrading and optimizing it ever since. In response to the high demand for cycle time and objects recognition rates from customers in this industry, we have iterated on the next generation of AI+ Robotic Parcel Singulation Technology.

Robotic Logistic Parcels Picking Solutions

The rate of this solution can reach 1600 pieces per hour, which can meet the requirement of replacing manual labor in the parcel singulation. The recognition of all kinds of packages stacked on chute (such as plastic soft bags, foam envelopes, cartons of various qualities, document bags, etc.), can be successfully completed without any prior training.

This solution is highly cost-effective and can be used with AGV / cross belt sorter and other logistic equipment’s. The vision algorithm can handle complex surfaces such as tapes, different types of pattern, express bill, text, and package folds. The software has been adapted to various mainstream brands of robots. The robot can be used with flip equipment (to ensure that the scanning of the express bill is completed in one direction).

It can be used with the weighing equipment to complete the package weighing, and can be classified according to the volume / type of the package; it can also recognize complex surfaces such as special-shaped parts and perceive packet loss.

梅卡曼德 | AI+机器臂快递供包,每小时1600件,可配合分拣机/AGV

Real scene package map and recognition results

The Mech-Eye Pro M smart camera is used in this solution with high accuracy and anti-reflection. High quality point cloud data can be generated for different parcels with complexities such as patterns, text, face sheets, etc. on the surface.

梅卡曼德 | AI+机器臂快递供包,每小时1600件,可配合分拣机/AGV

梅卡曼德 | AI+机器臂快递供包,每小时1600件,可配合分拣机/AGV

Color point cloud image taken by Mech-Eye Pro M (@ 2m)

(Randomly stacked packages)

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