Complete and cost-effective solutions to depalletizing, bin picking and machine tending

Vision-guided Depalletizing and Palletizing

With advanced technologies including 3D vision, deep learning, and motion planning, Mech-Mind provides vision-guided solutions on depalletizing and palletizing. 

Vision-guided Depalletizing

Depalletizing:Robot picks boxes or bags from the pallet

1. Competitive price

Compared with other alternatives, our solution helps customers save at least 50% cost.

2. High intelligence 

State-of-the-art vision algorithms enable robots to handle various bags and boxes in different shapes and  colors.

Boxes or bags can be randomly located or tightly packed.

Collision checking algorithm and motion planning algorithm are integrated in the intelligent programming environment Mech-Viz. No worry about collision or singularity.

3. Plug and play, easy to use

Mech-Viz is a revolutionary robot programming environment. Non-experts can manipulate robots after simple training. 

4. Suitable for all common pallets

Extra wide view. Suitable for all common pallets. Pallet pattern can be arbitrary.

5. Automated Palletizing

Robots are able to palletize automatically according to the sizes and weights of objects.

Compatible with various loading units including pallets, cage carts,and cart racks, etc.

We also offer mixed-case palletizing solutions to our customers.



3 m dist. (large objects)


Up to 850 pieces/h


Support objects in different sizes and shapes (including Box-shaped objects,bag-shaped objects,and bottle-shaped objects.)



Depends on the payload of robots


Work in concert with robots from all major brands

New object training

High training speed




Free demo, gripper design, and robot selecting

Smart camera Mech-Eye, 3D vision software Mech-Vision, Intelligent Programming Environment Mech-Viz are included.

Vision-guided Depalletizing

Mech-Eye Deep Smart Camera

Scanning Time

0.9-1.3 s

(Depends on customers' requirements)


2048 X 1536

Optimal Scanning Range

1200 mm-3500 mm


3.0 mm @ 3 m



Customized service

Smart camera can be customized.

Power Supply


Thanks to our advanced algorithms,  our solutions achieve high performance on objects recognizing.

Vision-guided Depalletizing and Palletizing

Tightly Packed Boxes, with or without Texture

Vision-guided Depalletizing and Palletizing

Randomly Piled Bags

 Thanks to advanced algorithms,Mech-Mind provide customers with Mixed-cartons Palletizing and Depalletizing solutions.

Mixed-cartons Palletizing 

Vision-guided Depalletizing and Palletizing


1.Accurate dimension measurement for random boxes.

2.Allows for divers, demand-driven pallet.

3.Support for boxes with textures, tapes, and barcodes.

4.High-density pallet loads.

5.Maximizing space on pallet.

6.Fast setup and ease of using.

Mixed-cartons Dpalletizing 

Vision-guided Depalletizing and Palletizing


1.Support for various boxes with textures, tapes, and barcodes.

2.Support for random pallets.

3.Accurate vision recognizing fot tightly packed or randomly located boxes.

4.Cost-effectiveness, high performance and reliablity.

Vision-guided Depalletizing

Mixed-cartons Palletizing Algorithem

Mech-Mind provides fully automated mixed-cartons palletizing algorithem for our customers. Upon receipt of orders, our software calcalates and determines the arrangement of each pallet according to crucial factors including pallet stability, density, and layout.

Vision-guided Depalletizing

3D Vision Software Mech-Vision

Graphical editor allows users to adjust the vision program without any coding.

Vision-guided Depalletizing

Intelligent Programming Environment Mech-Viz

1.Different from traditional code-based programming software, Mech-Viz is a graphical and visual programming environment. With Mech-Viz, non-experts can manipulate robots after simple training.

2.Collision checking, grasp planning, and motion planning are integrated. 

3.Customers can choose robots from all major brands.

Robots Brands

Vision-guided Depalletizing and Palletizing

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