1.Let Us Know Your Requirements

◆ Please complete the requirement form (Click Contact Us below)and let us know your requirements.

2.Talk with us Fase to Face

◆ We warmly welcome you to visit our demo room (Shanghai,Beijing in China, and Muchi in Germany) and discuss details with us face to face.

◆ Our sales engineers can also visit your company at your convenient.

3.Proposal Design & Contract Signing

◆ Sign contract based on your require-ments. 

◆ Then we will design work-flow,select robot and gripper.

4.Set up & After-sales Services

◆ We will help you with system testing and set-up.

◆ We offer 7*12 hours remote support to make sure your system runs well.

5.More Business Cooperation Opportunities

◆ Co-sell. 



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