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Carton Leak Hole Locating for A Large Air-Conditioning Factory


AI+3D Vision+Intelligent Industrial Robot Solutions

Vision-Guided Leak Detection by Robots

1. High-precision and anti-reflection Mech-Eye Pro S Enhanced Smart Camera enables accurate positioning of leak detection holes of diameter of approximate 8mm with high speed and efficiency, and recognizes cartons with complex situations such as express bills, cable ties, tapes, patterns and texts on surfaces. Industrial 3D camera with high protection level can adapt to harsh environment such as dust and severe vibration. It has passed the endurance test of 7000 hours and proved to be stable and reliable.

2. The layout of mounting the 3D camera on the mechanical arm (Eye in Hand), which offers a flexible field of view to handle leak-detection holes that randomly appear on the top or front of the carton. 3D scanning is fast and operating speed of robots is not affected while saving costs for clients.

3. Built-in advanced AI technologies such as deep learning, with which robots can recognize cartons of various sizes with complex patterns and pick them one by one with high accuracy.

4. Intelligent path planning algorithm for good stability.

5. Advanced vision algorithm for different light conditions such as semi-outdoor environments.

6. Code-free and visualized Mech-Viz intelligent programming environment software, which is quick to deploy and simple to operate, enabling users to select from a wide range of mainstream brands of robots.

Smart Camera

Mech-Eye Pro S Enhanced

Mech-Eye Pro S Enhanced

High speed and high precision with big field of view. 

Can well recognize various objects (including objects with black or considerably reflective surfaces).

Applicable for typical scenarios with requirements for high precision (including industrial inspection and measurement and academic research, etc.).

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Mech-Mind Robotics is an AI 3D Vision Intelligent Industrial Robot solutions provider, focusing on R&D, production and sales for 3D vision hardware and software products.
Aiming at putting intelligence into industrial robots, Mech-Mind Robotics was founded in October 2016. Mech-Mind is headquartered in Beijing (R&D) and Shanghai (sales and deployment), with branches and offices in Shenzhen, Qingdao, Changsha and Munich (Germany).