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Vision-Guided Machine Tending of Metal Rings for a Large Steel Plant


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Vision-Guided Machine Tending of Metal Rings

1. High-precision and anti-reflection Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced Smart Camera can recognize ring-form parts with the outer wall of only 1cm. Industrial 3D camera can handle a wide range of parts in different sizes and varieties, with excellent stability.

2. The layout of fixing 3D camera above the parts (Eye to Hand), which allows robots to have a large field of view to accommodate different sizes and tightly-packed metal rings.

3. Built-in vision algorithm technologies such as deep learning, which can handle a wide range of metal rings that are randomly placed and tightly packed (minimum distance of 0).

4. Advances intelligent path planning algorithm, which can help robots to pick from deep bins with high stability while avoiding collisions.

5. Visualized and code-free Mech-Viz intelligent environment programming software, which allows clients to operate robots without programming.

Smart Camera

Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced

Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced

High speed and high precision with big field of view. 

Can well recognize various objects (including objects with black or considerably reflective surfaces).

Applicable for typical scenarios with requirements for high precision (including industrial inspection and measurement and academic research, etc.).

About Mech-Mind
Mech-Mind Robotics is an AI 3D Vision Intelligent Industrial Robot solutions provider, focusing on R&D, production and sales for 3D vision hardware and software products.
Aiming at putting intelligence into industrial robots, Mech-Mind Robotics was founded in October 2016. Mech-Mind is headquartered in Beijing (R&D) and Shanghai (sales and deployment), with branches and offices in Shenzhen, Qingdao, Changsha and Munich (Germany).