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Vision-Guided Carton Depalletizing for A Large Food Factory


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Vision-guided Depalletizing for a Large Food Production Factory

1. Robots equipped with Mech-Mind 3D vision system can recognize cartons of different sizes and poses, pick them from the pallet one by one and place them on the conveyor belt according to order requirements.

2. In this case, the solution of mounting 3D camera on the robot arm (Eye in Hand) saves hardware costs.

3. The contact surface of the suction cup is controlled separately, which allows multiple cartons to be picked at once.

Smart Camera

Mech-Eye Deep

Mech-Eye Deep

Deep depth of field. 

Applicable for various common pallet patterns.

About Mech-Mind
Mech-Mind Robotics is an AI 3D Vision Intelligent Industrial Robot solutions provider, focusing on R&D, production and sales for 3D vision hardware and software products.
Aiming at putting intelligence into industrial robots, Mech-Mind Robotics was founded in October 2016. Mech-Mind is headquartered in Beijing (R&D) and Shanghai (sales and deployment), with branches and offices in Shenzhen, Qingdao, Changsha and Munich (Germany).